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The Two Most Important Educational Tools for Students: Plagiarism Checker & Rewriter

There is no doubt that plagiarism causes serious damages for blog writers as well as the brand for which the content is written. Consider that you have written a blog which explains the benefits of a particular brand product. If the content has not been written from the start, readers would recognize it. This would hamper your reputation as a blogger. In addition to that, people would stop trusting the brand for which the content has been written. As a result, the company would not get online traffic. Free online plagiarism checker is helpful for university and school level students to write unique assignments and projects. Plagiarism is a serious issue and causes irreparable damage to the reputation of a brand. So, must use this tool for better results.

Article Rewriting and the positives it has

These days, websites are always competing with each other. Search engines consider several important factors before a website is ranked. The quality of content and the frequency with which it is updated are important parameters.

  • It is quite important for a website to acquire a high rank. Websites with the highest rank get the maximum traffic. Why do some websites get ranked higher than the others? One of the major reasons is high standard content. One way to publish a large count of freshly written articles is paraphrasing them from the start. This is obviously a tough ask because bloggers have to put in immense effort. Along with that, this alternative is time consuming as writers would have to paraphrase each article from the start.
  • Why is article rewriting a better option? This question has a very simple answer. First of all, when you are using a tool, so much human effort is not needed. The tool does everything for you. The alternative works well when you have to rewrite a large count of articles. This is exactly what professional web content developers and bloggers have to do. They have to produce freshly written articles in bulk so that the website retains a high rank.

Using a quality article rewriter is mandatory

The option to use a rewriting tool is helpful but you have to be watchful about few conditions. For instance, you cannot select a tool randomly and use it. Quality matters a lot and users have to be watchful before making a selection. There are several low standard article rewriting tools which are not worth counting on. Using such tools causes several problems for the users. For instance, the format of the article is distorted. As users are using a technological tool, they do not check the article content prior to submission.

  • Before you select an article rewriter, make sure that the quality factor has not been compromised in any manner. Check the opinion that most people have about the tool. If most people have given a positive opinion about the tool, you can opt for it. Similarly, if most people have not appreciated the tool a lot, you should seek alternatives. A hasty and rapid decision should not be taken.
  • Article rewriting tools do not have heavy subscription charges or usage fee. They are free to use and users do not have to abide by any usage restrictions. In other words, the tool can be used as many times as the user wants. The article rewriting tools is one of the better options you can look at.

No doubts about submitting plagiarized articles

In case of plagiarism, you cannot afford to have any doubts. You should be sure that each line of the written article is 100% original. Blog writers use manual editing ways to see whether the written article is original or not. They compare the rewritten content with the original source. In this process, a few lines or even a paragraph may be skipped completely. This means that some part of the submitted content would be copied. As a result, the rank of your website would go down. Hence, it can be easily said that using manual checking methods does not work out that well. It is a much better option to use a proper article rewriting tool.

  • Complete end to end rephrasing is mandatory is you want the articles to be 100% plagiarism free. A proper article rewriting tool is necessary to accomplish this task. The best thing about these tools is that they rephrase each line of the written content. No part is ignored. Search engines have very strict penalties for submission of plagiarized content so bloggers should not take any risks. In an overall manner, it can be said that a good rewriting tool eliminates all kinds of stress factors for the users. They do not have to go through each line manually. Once the tool has checked the written article properly, you can submit the article without any doubt.

Convenient way to get fresh related articles

The possibility of writing all the articles from the start is always there but it is a cumbersome alternative. Consider that you need to submit 30 related articles every day so that the rank of your website does not fall. Even the best article writers would find it challenging to complete this work load. Other than that, to meet timelines, the writer would adopt a hasty approach. This would increase the chances of errors particularly grammatical issues. As compared to this difficult process, a proper rewriting tool would do the job in a much easier manner.


Bloggers usually have a tough work load. They have to submit a large count of articles so that their targeted readers do not get bored. Working on each article manually on a regular scale is not the best way to go about things. A quality rewriting tool rephrases the article on end to end basis. As the content is reworded completely, all traces of plagiarism are eliminated.
These tools are very simple to use and do not carry any usage costs. Other than that, they paraphrase the content without a lot of time consumption. As bloggers have to prepare a large count of articles regularly, using a rewriting tool works well for them.

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